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Wagyu Beef Roll


We are passionate and excited to introduce our food/culture and share it with the people in the beautiful city of San Diego, since the majority of our team members come from a Japanese background, we currently offer Wagyu Beef Roll, which consists of being one rice ball wrapped in Wagyu beef with our specialty teriyaki style sauce. We offer orders of three, five and a dozen Wagyu beef rolls of your choice with a side of Edamame and Penne Salad. We have three types of toppings available: “Daikon Radish with Ponzu”, “Cheese” and “Cheese and Salsa”. Wagyu Beef Rolls are available for delivery as well. We would like you to visit us and check us out. We are located at Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market in the San Diego area every Sunday between 9:30 am to 2:00pm.

Cream Mochi is a Japanese style dessert that matches perfectly with our Wagyu Beef Roll and other menu selections. The combination of whipped cream and fresh fruits inside of a soft, fluffy, and sweet Mochi is an ideal way to finish your lunch. We currently have ten flavors available: Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Kiwi, Chocolate Banana, Matcha Strawberry, Mix Berries, Caramel Flan (Limited time only), Tiramisu and Apple Pie. We are working on more flavors so stay tuned! Sometimes Cream Mochi sells out quickly so please reserve yours in the contact section if you don’t wanna miss them! Please write down the number of Mochi and flavors in the comment section and we will make sure to have them available when you arrive. Mochi is available for delivery as well.